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Here’s a photo-set of clothing I handmade/DIYed:)

Me siento HORRIBLE, Qué Beshaaaa!!!

with my beloved <3


Mascara, 1917

Whoa now this is what I call a history lesson

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Cartel de El Hobbit: La batalla de los cinco ejércitos

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Uno de los datos curiosos del Hotel Humboldt de Caracas, es que la amante del presidente Marcos Pérez Jiménez se suicido desde uno de los balcones del famoso hotel.

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DIY Lace Collar T-shirt



Everyone’s wearing the collared shirt trend, whether their blouse features a rounded collar, a scalloped collar, or an increasingly popular Peter Pan collar. This tutorial by Manuela of Join the Mood gives a simple t-shirt the same effect as a collared shirt by lining the neck of the tee with a thick strip of decorative lace. With this simple update, a modest t-shirt can go from casual to chic!